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September 1, 2020 starts a new USSSA Fastpitch season

2021 Season Age Eligibility Applies
>>>Age Calculator<<<

2021 Season Age Chart


Florida USSSA Fastpitch Upcoming Events

The tentative Fall 2020 September -December dates for the new 2021 Season will be posted soon here. Please check back often for additions, subtractions or changes.


If you are interested in hosting a tournament in the upcoming 2021  season, please contact Gordon Patterson, Jerry Clipse, Vince Tucker, Tonya Waters, Chris Kroon, Stephen Schiller, or Jeff Strode

New USSSA Bat Mark
(Thumb Print)
effective January 1, 2014

The new bat standards went into effect 1/1/14



Since January 1, 2014, all bats must have the
New USSSA 1.20 BPF Mark (Thumb Print)

Click here for important information about the bat mark (thumb print)
  USSSA has adopted a new bat stamp moving forward. You will begin to see this stamp on bats at events more and more. No worries...the old stamp is still valid and approved for play. 


Important Information about
Team Registrations and Tournaments
after August 1st

The softball "year" for USSSA typically runs from August 1 to July 31. This year, due to COVID-19, the 2020 season was extended until August 31st. That means that tournaments scheduled after September 1 are considered 2021 events and in order to participate in them a team must be registered for 2021. In short, all the teams that were created and all rosters that were submitted for the 2020 season expired on August 31, 2020.


Click here for IMPORTANT details


AGE CALCULATOR for the new 2021 Season (which starts September 1, 2020)

If you have any questions, please contact your State Director, Gordon Patterson, at or your area director.


PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL THE NATIONAL OFFICE. They will refer you to the State Director.


Thank you for playing USSSA Fastpitch. We are looking forward to another exciting year.   

2021 USSSA World Series is in Viera, FL,
at the new state-of-the-art
Space Coast Stadium

June 28 -July 04  
8U Open | 10U Open | 12U Open | 14U Open | 16U Open | 18U Open




NOTE: Tournament Directors reserve the right to deny "A" teams playing up in older "B"

Effective March 15, 2018, Florida USSSA Fastpitch will use the USSSA National criteria to determine seeding:

Pool Standings Sorted on the following:
1) Winning Percentage - Descending
2) Number Wins - Descending
3) Number Loses - Ascending
4) Tied Teams (vs. each other) Winning Pct - Descending [Not valid if all tied teams have not played each other]
5) Avg Points Allowed - Ascending
6) Avg Run Differential with a maximum of (8) - Descending
7) USSSA Points - Descending
8) Date Team Entered USSSA Database

Once past a tie breaker do not return to previous

NOTE: 2 Ties do NOT equal 1 Win, but figure into Winning percentage

Any time a team plays an "extra" seeding game to even out the schedule--unless otherwise posted by the TD--one of their games will be tossed out RANDOMLY after ALL their seeding games are played. The team does NOT get to choose which game is tossed out. The tossed game counts for the other team only.

*Exception at some State and National events: If 2 teams are undefeated, and a team with no losses (ex. 3-0) plays the "extra" game against the other team with no losses (ex. 2-0), and the team playing the "extra" game loses to that undefeated team, and that game is randomly chosen to be tossed, head-to-head is still in affect.  The undefeated team will seed ahead of the team that played the extra game since they beat the other team.
Weather-shortened Tournament

Tournament Directors reserve the right to play WINNERS BRACKET games ahead of LOSERS BRACKET games (possibly eliminating LOSERS BRACKET entirely).

In the event a SINGLE ELIMINATION tournament cannot be completed due to weather or other reasons, the HIGHEST REMAINING SEED in the Winners' bracket will be declared CHAMPION. The next highest remaining seed in the Winners' bracket will be declared RUNNER-UP.

In the event a DOUBLE ELIMINATION (Winners' and Losers' Bracket) tournament cannot be completed due to weather or other reasons, the HIGHEST REMAINING SEED in the Winners' bracket will be declared CHAMPION. The next highest remaining seed in the Winners' bracket will be declared RUNNER-UP.


Unless otherwise posted, the following tiebreaker system will be used to determine an order of finish in the event a tournament cannot be completed.


1. All teams still in the Winners’ Bracket are ordered first, using the following:

a) Highest remaining seed in Winners' Bracket

b) If two (or more) identical seeds remain (e.g., #2 Pool A and #2 Pool B),

     i) Head to Head in seeding games

     ii) Highest winning percentage

     iii ) Avg Runs Allowed - Ascending in seeding games

     iv) Avg Run Differential with a maximum of (8) - Descending in seeding games 

c) Coin toss


2. Next, teams in the same spot in the Losers’ Bracket are ordered by the following:

a) Head-to-head (this is used first when only two teams are in the same spot)

b) The team which advanced farthest in the Winners’ Bracket before losing

c) Avg Runs Allowed - Ascending in Seeding Games

d) Avg Run Differential with a maximum of (8) - Descending in Seeding Games

e) Coin toss


3. If only two teams remain in the tournament and each has one loss in bracket play, then those teams will be declared co-champions.

Florida USSSA Fastpitch ONLY (not National Events)

HOME/VISITOR in bracket play is determined by higher seed.

In double elimination bracket play, the higher seed calls HOME or VISITOR in all games EXCEPT Championship game, where the team from the Winner's bracket makes the call. IF game will be a coin flip.

Player Eligibility Protests upheld during Pool Play will NOT Eject the Team from the Tournament


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