How to Sanction Your Team with USSSA Fastpitch
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NOTE: Before registering your team, click here for IMPORTANT information.

Step 1
Go to USSSA web site (click here)

Step 2
Create your USSSA Login ID (aka Manager's User ID/Account)
Login Number will be sent to the email address you entered
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Step 3
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Step 4
Register /
Create Team
Click "Register / Create Team"
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Step 5
Enter Registration Season, Team Name, City, State, County, Registration Type (USSSA or USSSA/Elite Select) and Class
Click "Submit New Team"
NOTE: State Director/National Office has the right to change the class you select
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Step 6
Register your team online by credit card ($40) or send a $40 check made payable to FLORIDA USSSA FASTPITCH to the following address:

          Gordon Patterson
          2801 Siena Circle
          Wellington, FL 33414

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Step 7
Your team registration will be approved after payment is received