Florida USSSA Fastpitch Official Playing Rules


With few exceptions (determined by local Tournament Directors), Florida USSSA Girls Fastpitch will abide by the rules and by-laws governed by the 14th Edition USSSA Rulebook. The on-line rulebook supersedes any printed edition.

Click here for USSSA Fastpitch Interpretations - Understanding the Rules of the Game.

Below is a list of possible exceptions (determined by local Tournament Directors). This is for local Florida tournament play only, including State Championships. These rules do NOT apply when competing in any of the USSSA World Series events.

Courtesy Runner – A. The team at bat may use a courtesy runner for the pitcher and/or catcher any time after they reach base other than by substitution. The same runner may not be used for both positions in the same inning. Neither the pitcher nor the catcher will be required to leave under such circumstances B. Players who have participated in the game in any other capacity are not entitled to serve as a courtesy runner (i.e., the courtesy runner must be an unused substitute). ***NOTE: (Non-ELITE SELECT divisions): if, and only if, no eligible substitute is available, then, and only then, the Last Completed at Bat (LCAB) may serve as a courtesy runner, subject to all other applicable restrictions (cannot run for both positions in the same inning, etc). The LCAB courtesy runner is determined at the time the courtesy runner is requested, skipping batters 1. currently on base, 2. who are the pitcher or catcher of record, or 3. who have already courtesy run for the other position in the same inning. In the first inning, if no eligible substitutes are available to courtesy run, the LCAB courtesy runner shall be the person furthest away in the batting order (i.e., the LCAB courtesy runner for the lead off batter is the last batter listed in the lineup). C. A runner put in for any player other than the pitcher or catcher will be considered a substitute player. D. A player may not run as a courtesy runner and be used as a substitute for another player in that half inning. EXCEPTION: Unless there is an injury and there is no substitute available, the courtesy runner must be used as a substitute and take the place of the injured player. Should the courtesy runner be on base, the pitcher or catcher for whom the courtesy runner is running must run in their place. E. Once a courtesy runner is designated for that half inning, no other courtesy runner or the pitcher or catcher may return to run for the original courtesy runner. Should an injury occur, another courtesy runner or the pitcher or catcher may run until they score or are put out.

BATTING ENTIRE LINEUP--During POOL PLAY and BRACKET PLAY, it is OPTIONAL to bat all players on the roster up to the total amount of players present on the roster. Any vacated spot in the batting order due to injury, illness, or any other reason--exception: ejection if less than 9 players--will result in an out. Under no circumstances shall a team be allowed to have less than eight (8) players in the batting order. (Non-ELITE SELECT divisions): ROSTER BATTING OPTION Teams may utilize additional APs to bat their entire roster (i.e., ALL players present; no DP/FLEX allowed) subject to the restrictions of Rules 5.2 and 5.3. Under Roster Batting, player(s) arriving late shall be placed in the lineup in the following priority: 1. to fill any Absent Player (automatic out) position 2. if no Absent Player position exists, then the late arrival will be placed last in the batting order (i.e. - a team batting 13 will add the late arrival in the 14th batting position) Roster Batting must be declared at the pregame conference, and all players physically present must be listed in the batting order. If a player is physically present but is unable to play because of injury or illness, that player shall be ineligible for the entire game if the team elects Roster Batting.

Unless noted by local tournament rules, Florida tournament game time limits in all games, including championship games, will be as follows:

In all age divisions, no new inning will start after 1 hour 15 minutes. Innings in progress after the time limit has expired will be completed. An inning is considered complete after the third out is made. A game can end in a tie in seeding games. In tournament and championship games, ties will be played out using the international tie breaker. All games, including championship games, will be played with the 1 hour 15 minute time limits or 7 innings, which ever comes first.

Every effort will be made to complete every scheduled game at the 1 hour 15 minute time limit. In the event of rain delays, the Tournament Director reserves the right to reduce the time limits of all remaining games and/or change the format of the tournament to reach a conclusion and determine a champion.

USSSA grants each team, when on defense, no more than three charged conferences without penalty during a seven-inning game to permit coaches or their representatives to confer with a defensive player or players. In any extra inning game, each team shall be permitted one charged conference without penalty each inning while on defense. The number of charged conferences is not cumulative (i.e., a team loses any charged conferences not used in the seven-inning game). Time granted for an obviously incapacitated player shall not constitute a charged conference. A conference is not charged when the pitcher is removed as a pitcher. This defensive team charged conference is effective when the ball first becomes alive at the start of each half inning. Penalty: after three charged conferences in a seven inning game, or for any charged conference in excess of one in each extra inning, the pitcher shall be removed as a pitcher for the duration of the game. Florida will adhere to this rule.

NOTE: Florida USSSA Fastpitch will NOT allow STEALING in the 8U Coach Pitch division.

8-and-Under will play 5, 6, or 7 innings. Check with local tournament directors for inning played. Games will have a maximum 75 minute time limit, finish the inning or 5, 6, or 7 innings, whichever comes first.

Download the USSSA Rulebook and By-Laws (14th Edition)


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